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Fiance Visa: USCIS Case Status – K1 Visa

Have you wondered if there is a way to check what is going on with your case besides waiting for the letters that the USCIS sends you in the mail? Believe it or not, there is a very easy way of doing this once you have received the initial receipt letter with your receipt number of your application.

This is not just for those who are filing for a K1 visa, but for any application that goes through the USCIS office.

The link that you will need to go to to check your application status is:


There are 13 characters which you will look for on your receipt letter that you will need to enter into the USCIS website to check the status of your application. Once you enter the number just click on Case Status to check the current status of your case.

Your case status will now appear and the details of where your case is will appear on the screen. Each time your case goes to the next step in the process, you will be able to see online. Bookmark this link so that you can always keep yourself informed of the status of your case.


K1 Visa – Fiance Visa Processing Times

I am sure one of the biggest questions that you have at this time is, “How long is this going to take?”. This was something that Josue and I were wondering along the fiance visa process and we were able to monitor the approximate times through a link that we found online that shows processing times on the USCIS website.

You will need to go to this link which will take you to the USCIS website:


This is the area where you will be able to see more about the fiance visa, or k1 visa processing times.

You have to go to the bottom of the page and select the field office or service center and then you will be taken to a page which displays the processing times for the different visas. You will probably need to look for form I-129F, or whichever other form that you have applied for. Look to the right and you will see the approximate processing times.

In our case, the processing times were either the time shown on the chart or sometimes surprisingly sooner. It really depends on the center that is handling your case and how many applications are going through their office.


After Your Fiance Visa is Approved by USCIS it is Only Good for 4 Months Before you Need to Enter the United States

Attorney explains in this video about the K1 visa and how after it is approved by USCIS, you have 4 months to get to the United States before it expires. Otherwise, you will have to reapply or get an extension.

He also mentions that if you fail the interview at the embassy or if for some reason, the embassy suspects some type of fraud, your application will be sent back to USCIS. Since it is only valid for 4 months after it was initially approved, you would basically have to reapply for the fiance visa.

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